Asia Planning Co., Ltd.
Utsubo GIZA Building 6F, 2-5-16
Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


Connect, Deliver.
Challenge, Respond.
Connect and Deliver Globally


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    The core of our business is the import wholesale business that purchases metal products from overseas and supplies them to the domestic market. In addition to standardized products, we have many achievements in overseas procurement of custom-made products. Based on the drawings you bring in, we manufacture and provide them at overseas partner factories. In addition, we undertake the designing process according to your request, and propose the most suitable materials. We clarify the inspection and delivery date of the supplier, and strive for safe and sincere transactions.

    Main customer country

    China/Taiwan/Korea/Vietnam/Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore etc.

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    We also develop the export business of domestically manufactured special parts. We introduce our products to buyers around the world and distribute them to overseas markets by making full use of online markets. We handle high-quality products not only made in Japan, but also focus on developing new suppliers.

    Main customer country

    South Korea/Philippines/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Vietnam/England/Singapore/Thailand/USA/Kazakhstan etc.


Items handled
  • Screw

  • Cutting product

  • Pressed product

  • Casting

  • Hot forging

  • Injection molded product

  • Others

Choose by material
  • Iron (Q235/free-cutting steel/ equivalent to 45C, etc.)

  • Cast iron (FC200/FC450)

  • Stainless (SUS303/304/316/310S/SCS13)

  • Brass

  • Titanium (pure titanium/ titanium alloy)

  • Aluminum

  • High-nickel steel (Hastelloy, Inconel)

  • Others (resin, zinc die-cast, rigid ball, etc.)


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    Procurement of SpecialParts Coordination

    Even for special parts that are considered difficult to manufacture in Japan, we select the most suitable partner factory and provide one-stop support for design, manufacturing, inspection, and packaging. Currently, China, Taiwan, and South Korea are our procurement regions, and we are also working to develop new manufacturing plants that meet the conditions in Japan.

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    Quality Productsat a Fair Price

    One of our strengths is that the products we provide are of reliable quality and can be supplied at reasonable prices. We have established manufacturing and distribution channels that generate price competitiveness so that we can respond to small-lot, high-mix orders that cannot be accepted by major companies. We have established a supply system at a price that you can be satisfied with.

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    Keep in StockSupply Promptly

    For imported products, which used to be common in large lots, we have accumulated small-lot cargo in China and other Asian countries. It is possible to purchase in small lots. In addition, we have a backup warehouse in Japan to store appropriate inventory. We can supply quickly.


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    Based on the drawings brought in, we hold hearings on requests such as specifications, materials, quantity, and delivery date.

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    Planning/Rough Estimate

    In the case of custom-made products, we will make proposals including materials and design, and present an approximate cost.

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    After receiving an order, we manage and share the logistics process based on the manufacturing and purchase plan.

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    On-site inspection and packing. *Quality inspection in Japan is also possible (separate quotation).

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    Delivery of Materials

    Shipped from the local factory and delivered safely to the customer.

Company Profile

Company Name Asia Planning Co., Ltd.
Established 1994年
Industry Import/export wholesale of metal processed products, screws, and industrial machinery parts
Head office location 6th floor, Utsubo GIZA Building, 2-5-16 Kyomachibori,
Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0003
trading country China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines